How to be a rockstar temp


We live in a digital age when flexible working has become the norm. Despite Temps having been around for decades, it seems more and more people across a wide variety of sectors have picked up the mantle and taken control of their careers.

Working as a temp gives you the flexibility to work with who you want and when you want. It gives you the chance to broaden your skills, and experience the working culture of countless companies, making you more marketable! There are many things that you can do to make yourself invaluable to your agency and the client, putting you firmly in the category of ROCKSTAR TEMP.

Your agency will LOVE and work EXTRA hard for you if…

• You make yourself available and demonstrate a level of flexibility; no one likes to be ghosted, so stay on the GRID!
• Ensure you are positive and happy to take on the challenge!
• Do your paperwork, and on time!
• Build a rapport with your consultant, they are like the band manager, and it’s a mutually beneficial relationship. Invest in it, and you will do well.

Clients will love you if…

• You turn up with a smile and with a willing attitude and a commitment to do the job well
• Give every job 100% – and your enthusiasm and energy should be infectious
• Use every contract to learn new skills and build on your reputation which will create new opportunities
• Try to fit in with your co-workers, don’t be too pushy or persistent, build relationships and don’t forget these guys are your greatest advocates.
• Add value where you can, create opportunities and always come away with some verifiable evidence of your contributions and input!


• Because temping keeps you fresh. You are less likely to fall into the malaise that so many permanent employees do.
• It’s a great way to assess the marketplace before you settle down and commit to an employer long term – a chance to try before you buy!
• It’s an opportunity to grow your skillset in an ever-changing marketplace which will help keep you and your skills in demand. What’s not to love!

Be better than everyone. Always be prepared to learn. Always go that extra mile and be the person that everyone wants to be, a ROCKSTAR TEMP!